Fly Warp Records presents its tenth reference, an EP full of good energies
and vitality that will be indispensable for lovers of good trance. This time
gives us 2 track produced by Ciro Visone, Italian producer with several
major labels refencias in, brings a very danceable track with a melody
is not very strong but very interesting. The second track is produced by
Random X, this young Spanish producer has multiple references on the
label, presents a stunning remix with a lot of effects and above all a very
good melody and unastring, note that more important for this producer.
Finally, an EP very good for you like the feel and good uplifting trance.

 Name Duration Buy
A New Emotion (Original MIx) 8:25
A New Emotion (Random X) 8:17

Ciro Visone

05 / 2012
Genre: Trance