FWR reference presents its fifteenth, this time three tracks are the most
uplifting trance possible. The original track produced by Chunki, one of
the members of TranzLift, presents this time a very well composed melody
with a touch orchestal, well defined bassline and a good pace throughout
the track. The second track is produced by the Spanish producer
Random X, with an impressive orchestral intro, with several well-
marked components piano, vocals and some ethnic sound very
characteristic that makes this work one of the best that the label has released
so far (Massive Support) . The third track produced by producer Martin
Libsen, is the most uplifting track three, good rhythms and especially the
well-defined melody makes this track is a must for all fans and lovers of
this genre. 

 Name Duration Buy
Requiem for Childhood 8:51
R. for Childhood (Random X) 5:02


11 / 2012
Genre: Trance

R. for Childhood (M. Libsen) 8:00