FWR reference presents its sixteenth, presents three uplifting tracks, with
a melody that will make us all enjoy this spectacular amanes genre. 
Imperfect Hope, this young Spanish producer presents the original track,
an uplifting track with a very strong bassline and somewhat
disproportionate but mostly a very danceable melody. The second track
is a stunning remix produced by producer Alexey Ryasnyansky, with pads and
a very well-placed plucks all the track surrounding the melody, which
makes this remix is one of the most anticipated tracks for all our fans. The
third track produced by Scottish producer Liquid Vision, a very
danceable remix acid leads rhythms, effects, basslines etc. forming a
perfect bladed for a release in this category. 

 Name Duration Buy
Illusion (Original) 9:16
Illusion (A. Ryasnyansky Remix) 8:10

Imperfect Hope

11 / 2012
Genre: Trance

Illusion (Liquid Vision Remix) 7:08