Fly Warp presents its 22th reference. A release full of energy but above all a stunning tunes that make this one of the best releases, if not the best, so far has released the label produced by the Spanish artist Random X.

The first track, PRINCIPIA . - A track with a melody and a well defined arpeggios, and especially with some impressive orchestal different melodic parts mixed with ethnicas vocals that make this track one of the best tracks we've heard this year ...... MASSIVE SUPPORT

The second track, DEEP SILENCE. - A track somewhat less defined as above but also with a good melody and parts orchestales, administered from the second part of the track with an ethnic flute as producing a memorable melody to form this super danceable track.

Ep finally a must for all lovers of good trance uplfting orchestal RECOMMENDED*****

 Name Duration Buy
Principia (Original Dub Mix) 10:40
Deep Silence 8:40

Random X

05 / 2013
Genre: Trance