Fly Warp Records presents its 25th reference, this time two uplifting track with a good melody characteristic of this genre.

Cape Town (Original Mix), produced by the artist Dmitriy Bulakov, a track with a very strong melody, a bassline well defined and above all a good pace throughout the track, to form an atmosphere characteristic of this genre.

Cape Town (Mike Van Fabio Remix), remixed by Polish artist Mike Van Fabio   this time a remix teaches similar to the original but with a change especially in the second part of the track, with syths and leads well marked and mostly a remix with a great audio or production.

Conclusion, a good release an original track and a remix super-powerful dance, to shake the dance floor. ****.

Recomend ****

 Name Duration Buy
Cape Town (Original Mix) 8:24
Cape Town (Mike Van Fabio) 8:29

Dmitriy Bulakov

09 / 2013
Genre: Trance