FWR reference presents its 28th. This time produced by the young Polish producer Andy Elliass. Two tracks full of uplifting energy, with fantastic magic melody and breakdown.

Original Mix: Produced by Andy Elliass a track uplifting trance forming a very danceable track with a well defined apart from a fantastic breakdown included some atmospheres to give a good definition all the melody track.

Mike Van Fabio Remix: Fantastic remix for excellent original track, with a characteristic sound of this producer, good definition all parts bassline, drums, atmospheres, efx, etc. to form a remix hopefully have a good support for artists and lovers of this genre.

Fantastic release *****

 Name Duration Buy
Nargothrond (Original Mix) 7:37
Nargothrond (M. van Fabio) 8:22

Andy Elliass

12 / 2013
Genre: Trance